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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I am sorry it has been so long since I have last updated!  I have gotten into my "I can do it later" mode.  Anyway, things have been going pretty well.  The weather has been very hot, but at least we have had rain.  I have been stitching some, but not as much as I would
like to.  Lately I have been doing some dehydrating, and getting ready to do some canning.  I have never canned before, so it should be an adventure.

I wish I had room for a garden, but even if  I could find some room, we have way to many trees to be able to get enough sun to grow anything.  I really enjoy putting up food for the future.  With the state of the world, and the droughts in the mid-west, I think it is
important to have food storage.

My birthday was July 12, and it was a quiet day.  I was a little sad that my kids didn't remember it, but I know how that is.  I am just so happy my hubby remembered.  He got me some beautiful flowers and told me to buy what I wanted.  I ordered some things from
123Stitch!  I'll show them to you when I get my order.

Here are the flowers my hubby got for me.  I love daisies, and these were just beautiful.  They lasted about 3 weeks, which I thought was pretty amazing.

I have been doing some stitching, but not every night.  I get sidetracked doing other things sometimes.  Here is my progress picture.  It is getting so big now it is hard to get it all in the picture.

Well, I hope everyone has a great week, and I will let you know how my canning and dehydrating and stitching goes this week. 


  • At 5:59 AM , Blogger ~ Sue ~ said...

    Wow - you've been the busy bee! Everything looks great...and you've made quite some progress on the sampler, Way to go!!!


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